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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Donald Trump Takes On The Deep State

Someone sent me this. Thank you very much.

The Great Awakening: The Trump administration is getting rid of rogues / traitors and black-hats in the White House, Secret Service & other  3-letter agencies (CIA, FBI & NSA). 

In short, the holdovers from the Obama, Bush & Clinton eras. 

The military is solidly behind him - surrounded by top generals in the cabinet / advisers.

a) North Korea was a 'puppet state' of the Deep State ("DS") handled by rogue leaders (Black Hats / "Clowns") in the CIA.
The Trump administration has cut the strings of the Black Hats/Clowns in North Korea.

North Korea is no longer held hostage by the Deep State. 

Unification of North Korea and South Korea maybe sometime in May/June. 
Re: Pompeo's recent visit to North Korea.

b) Armenia is also a 'puppet state' of the Deep State.  Should the opposition win the 'snap' elections, the Clowns stranglehold on this puppet state shall also be severed.
Hopefully Malaysia is next with the fall of Super Moron and Team Kleptocrat.
c) United Nations & Red Cross / Crescent.

Recently a top adviser to the UN named Peter Dalglish was arrested in Nepal.  It's been suggested that Pompeo along with White Hats operatives went to Kathmandu to secure Dalglish's arrest after the North Korea  trip. 

Dalglish is a known pedophile and his role in the UN had a lot to do with under-aged children. Two under-aged girls were rescued following the arrest. He's now spilling the beans on all the elite pedophiles in US and world-wide.

He recently released a 'snuff video" on the Dark Web before his arrest. It's damn sickening!   He's also a close personal friend of Justine Trudeau. Dalglish received an Honorary Award from Canada from Trudeau. Pedos stick together.

The Red Cross and Red Crescent are 'perfect' conduits for human trafficking - esp women and under-aged children from disaster plagued nations like Haiti.
More is expected to be revealed about Haiti - it's bigger than anyone's imagination.

Here's the link on Armenia:

My comments :  Trump has certainly upset the apple cart by making sudden and unexpected  peace overtures towards North Korea.

The Deep State is not happy. Can you imagine if North and South Korea sign a peace treaty? Or Taiwan and China reunite? 

All those US Navy aircraft carriers will be mothballed and taken to Bangladesh to be cut up as scrap metal. 

Trump is treading on very dangerous ground. They could shoot him. Or blow him up.