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Tuesday, January 16, 2018



That sale of the TRX 106 represents more stealing of taxpayers money. 

In the beginning that land belonged to us the citizens and taxpayers. 
Government owned land. 

Then the thieves sold the land cheaply at far, far below market value to the 1MDB mob. They sold it for RM60 psf or something. So the citizens and taxpayers were paid peanuts for prime land.  

Then the 1MDB thieves resold the land to outsiders at full market value, reaping an enormous profit for themselves. Cheating us, the citizens and taxpayers of the full value of the land.

Now we are told that the people who bought the land are developing a 106 storey tower on that land (the building is almost complete).  My guess is that building costs at least RM2.0 Billion. That land alone is said to be worth over RM600 million.

Looking at their past behaviour the construction cost must have also been inflated. 

But there has been no announcement of exactly who is financing such a massive building project.    Who is paying for the construction cost?

Because there is no way that any sane bank or banks would finance such a huge super luxury project in this present market situation.  

That monkey minister announced in November 2017 that the gomen is freezing luxury projects. Because there is already an oversupply of luxury projects in Malaysia especially in the Klang Valley.  Here is that toilet paper :

November 19, 2017 

  • govt frozen indefinitely luxury property dvlpmnts from Nov 1
  • to control oversupply from adversely affecting economy.
  • Monkey Minister II said today Cabinet decided this 
  • after scrutinising Bank Negara report on real estate glut.
  • high-rise condos, malls and commercial units, worth more than RM1m" he said 

So who  financed the construction of this building? 

I think it is the gomen.

Looking at how these thieves have been operating, I will not be surprised if the gomen has quietly been funding the construction of this building, without telling us.

This suspicion arises because now all of a sudden, the gomen has announced that  they are taking 51% equity in this TRX 106. Why ?  And for how much?  

Read that toilet paper report again. The monkey already announced in November last year  that the gomen is freezing luxury projects. 

If so, then why the hell is the gomen taking 51% equity in a super luxury tallest-building-in-Malaysia project?

I think what they have done is they have converted whatever loans the gomen has extended to the TRX 106 project  into equity.  Hutang sudah tukar jadi equity.  

And not just hutang tukar into equity but certainly there must also be a hefty premium involved. They would have valued the building at full market value, with all its inflated cost of construction and stuff.

Money is being siphoned out again - by the same mob.  They just dont care.  The stealing is continuing non stop. 

Then they made Bank Negara buy that piece of land for RM2.0 Billion.  This is so insanely ridiculous. It is just left pocket and right pocket. This is just another method to siphon money (legally) out of Bank Negara. Once the money is paid by Bank Negara it goes into the gomens general account (or general ledger) and from there it can be used for anything - like paying off that US600 Million IPIC payment that became due. 

Here is Malaysia Chronicle with a story about that Bank Negara money moving scam. This story was first written by Ganesh Sahathevan. 

  • This story on its own is a joke.

  • Bank Negara now wants us to believe that it has become a landowner, and property developer:

  • Bank Negara buys land for RM2b for financial education hub

  • Many have speculated that this is nothing more than a MOF Inc money go-round, organized to help MOF Inc meet its USD 600 Million payment to IPIC, which fell due on 31 December 2017.

  • What is not in doubt however, for these figures below are from Bank Negara’s own fortnightly statements of assets and liabilities, is that in last two weeks of 2017, Bank Negera’s printed or otherwise put out into circulation RM 2 Billion, while the Ringgit value of the reserves of gold and foreign currency fell by about RM 20 Billion.

  • The steep fall in the value of the Ringgit against the USD between 15 December 2017 and 31 December 2017  did little to stem the fall in reserves.
  • END


My conclusion  : It is just non stop stealing.  If despite all this, these thieves are still voted back into power, then it is best that the people who vote for them just go and jump in the sea.  You are going to become even more stupid and even poorer. That will be your fate. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Arab Rock And Roll Continues - Saudis Take Over BinLaden Group, UAE Arrests "Invited" Qatari Prince

Carrying off the women, kidnapping tribal leaders or their families for ransom or for negotiations has been a tradition among the bedouin caravan raiders which has not really disappeared. Despite this being the 21st century. 

Saudi Arabia is still arresting prominent businessmen and confiscating their wealth. This time the Saudis have arrested Bakr BinLaden  the Chairman of the BinLaden Group. They have also taken control of the BinLaden Group. Here is the news:

Saudis detained scores of senior officials, businessmen in Oct 
Binladin group’s chairman Bakr Bin Laden, family members  held

Saudi trying to negotiate settlements with detainees
aim to claw back US$100b funds rightfully belong to state 
talks on Binladin’s future part of this effort

finance ministry formed five-member committee
to oversee BinLaden group’s business 

If anyone has business dealings with the BinLaden group, then they are most likely screwed. 

Then in another case of "Saad Hariri", the UAE (aka the Emirates aka Abu Dhabi) invited a Qatari "prince"  over for tea and samossas. When the guy arrived in Abu Dhabi, they promptly arrested him as well.  The UAE is a crony and puppet of Saudi Arabia which is in dispute with Qatar.

Abdools holding hands.  

Qatari royal family member video claims being held against his will in UAE 
video of Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali Al Thani, ruling family member 
Saudi's ongoing dispute with Doha 
boycott of Qatar by four Arab nations
new fuel to months-long stalemate 

Kepada Mat Dogol and Awang Dogol bersaudara, these are camel shaggers. Dont get mixed up with these people. Just dont. Ok? They will mess you up.


Sunday, January 14, 2018

Hello IGP, KDN : Konvensyen Kebangkitan Ummah Terlalu Extremis Lah. Siapa Kasi Permit?


retired teacher told govt to end federal scholarships for minority
to uplift Malay supremacy ahead of 14th general election.

Raof Husin told "Rise of the Ummah Convention" here 
govt constitutionally bound to limit study aid to Bumi students.

will of six late Malay Rulers during negotiations with British 
govt must uphold Article 153 (1) Bumiputera Special Privilege in education

exclusive govt scholarship to Bumi students and do not give them to others

Article 153 states YDP Agong’s prerogative to reserve scholarships, civil service positions for Bumi community.

Raof group against scholarships based on merit.

Ummah umbrella organisation of 300 Muslim NGOs strongly opposed

Raof argued meritocracy would hamper Bumi community's progress.

number of Bumi in critical professions still very small
Bumi accountants, architects stagnated, decreased past three years.
if we do not assist them, we would fall further behind

MTEM said govt must introduce anti-discrimination laws
but applied only to minority-owned firms

govt should abolish open tender system for contract 
instead employ “limited tender” only for Bumi 

Ummah to galvanise “Islamic forces” 

My comments :  Kepada sahabat di UMMAH, MTEM dan lain-lain. 
Masalahnya bukan di pihak minoriti. 
Masalahnya dengan pihak Melayu dan Islam.

Kita lihat umat Islam sedunia dulu. Di seluruh dunia ada dua kategori umat Islam. 

Pertama sekali adalah kategori umat Islam yang hidup susah, papa kedana, tidak cerdik, kurang pandai,  bergaduh, berperang, berselisih, tergelincir akidah (pada pandangan mazhab lain). Kategori umat Islam ini menghuni kesemua negara Islam yang menjadi ahli OIC. Malaysia pun ahli OIC.

Kategori kedua adalah umat Islam yang hidup senang lenang, mewah, kaya raya, cerdik, terpelajar, pandai, hidup aman antara berbagai jenis mazhab dan aqidah yang berbeza  (shiah, sunnah, sufi, tasawuf, salafi, wahabi, tablighi, ahmadiyah dan lain-lain).   Kategori umat Islam ini menghuni negara-negara kafir (atau negara bukan Islam) seperti Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Finland, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Singapura, China, Taiwan dan sebagainya. 

Kalau tidak kaya macam orang bukan Islam pun, sekurang-kurangnya umat Islam di negara kafir ini hidup aman sesama banyak mazhab yang berlainan. Contohnya tidak ada kes orang ahlul sunnah dan salafi berperang dengan orang shiah atau ahmadiyah di Canada, Amerika Syarikat, Australia, England atau Perancis - walaupun terdapat berjuta penduduk Islam di negara itu. 

Sedihnya umat Islam yang hidup paling aman, kaya dan selesa terdapat di negara kafir. Contohnya di Singapura peratusan umat Islam yang memiliki rumah kediaman yang moden dan selesa adalah antara yang paling tinggi bagi umat Islam sedunia. Hampir 95% keluarga (household) Melayu Islam di Singapura memiliki rumah mereka sendiri. Dan rumah mereka adalah cantik, bersih, dalam persekitaran yang sangat tersusun dan selamat.

Kita bandingkan keadaan ini dengan negara kita Malaysia di mana orang Islam makin susah untuk memiliki rumah sendiri walaupun di pekan atau kampong asal sendiri. Bagi mereka yang mempunyai tanah sendiri di negeri Perlis, untuk menyiapkan rumah empat bilik (mengupah kontraktor sendiri) memerlukan kos pembinaan hampir RM200,000. Berapa ramaikah umat Melayu di Perlis yang mampu belanja RM200,000 ataupun layak diluluskan pinjaman RM200,000 daripada bank? 

Jika membeli rumah daripada pemaju atau developer akan melibatkan belanja yang jauh lebih tinggi. Rumah teres dua tingkat di Kangar dijual dengan harga RM350,000. 

Tambah lagi di Singapura tidak berlaku sebarang persengketaan antara mazhab yang berlainan seperti ahlul sunnah, shiah, salafi, wahabi, ahmadiyyah, tabligh, tasawuf dan lain-lainnya.  Semua mazhab dibenarkan mengikuti kepercayaan mereka tanpa diganggu atau menganggu mazhab yang lain.

Lebih baik bagi umat Islam sedunia berhijrah saja ke negara kafir seperti Australia, Singapura, Amerika dan Kanada untuk menikmati hidup yang lebih selesa, kaya dan selamat.

Akhir kalam tidak perlu lah saya mengulas panjang berkenaan penolakan meritokrasi. Sahabat di Ummah boleh menolak meritokrasi tapi akibatnya ialah anak anda akan jadi bodoh.  Ini sudah confirm.

Tan Sri IGP Who Approved The Permit For This Hate Speech Convention?

Media release from Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan 
On 14 January 2018. 2/2018.


We refer to the Malay Mail Online report on 13 Jan 18, ‘In fiery speech, cleric tells forum only Malays fought invaders, communists’. It was reported that Ismail Mina Ahmad, the chairman of the Ummah, an umbrella group for Muslim organisations, asserted that only the Malays had battled the communists. He also said that only the Malays fought against the British and Japanese. The other assertion by the chairman of Ummah was that outspoken minorities (referring to non-Malays) posed a danger to the position of Islam in the country and Malay political rule, aiming to usurp power, and even want to be a prime minister.

Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan (Patriot) is not in any way angry with Ismail Mina Ahmad, as what he purportedly said did not reflect on himself as a person well versed in current affairs and history. Being elderly and a vulnerable person, others could have easily manipulated him with sentiments relating to religion and race, especially with the general election looming and all kinds of underhand tactics would be employed. A cleric and an elderly person is usually one with wisdom, promoting love, peace, understanding, and compassion. Certainly not promoting hatred.

Patriot is very disappointed with those who sponsored Ummah in their forum that peppered with hate speeches and distorted historical facts. At a time when our economy is facing so much of uncertainty, a stagnant growth since 2016, government debt at 53.2% to the GDP, 1MDB debts to be paid, 50,000 to be out of jobs this year; any action that causes disunity will do a disfavor to our nation and society.

Ignorance breeds contempt if allowed unchecked. Patriot has to repeat here what we mentioned before. Since the pre-independent years, through the first and second emergencies, from the early years of the Home Guard, Templer’s Super 12, the Federation Regiment, the Congo peace keeping mission, the Confrontation, the urban communist terrorism, jungle warfare in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak; the non-Malay officers and men, which included Chinese, Indians, Sikhs, Orang Asli, Ibans, Dayaks, and Kadazans; fought gallantly alongside their Malay brothers-in-arms. In the Air Force, numerous non-Malay pilots flew their helicopters in dangerous mission for supplies and evacuations, and enemies shot at their aircrafts. These officers and men had their share of casualties and also their much-deserved share of gallantry awards. In addition, the much cherished success of our security forces against the CPM insurgents and urban terrorists was to a large extend attributed to the many dangerous and highly classified covert operations of the police Special Branch and military intelligence, many of whom were of Chinese ethnicity. 

The CPM (Communist Party of Malaya) was not totally ethnic Chinese. The 10th Regiment of the CPM was predominantly ethnic Malays, whose leaders included Abdullah CD, Rashid Mydin, and Samsiah Pakeh. Furthermore, terrorism and savage killings committed by the MPAJA (Malayan People Anti-Japanese Army) after Japan had surrendered, and who later took up arms against the British, were based on ideology, and not racial. Distorting history to suit one’s political purpose and instill hatred towards non-Malays is totally irresponsible.

Patriot calls upon the Ministers of Defence and Internal Affairs to set the record straight regarding the different ethnic groups participation and serving our country combating against our nation’s enemies and the communist insurgents. Similarly the Chief of Armed Forces and the Inspector General of Police have to openly state the same. The chief of the Armed Forces Religious Corps (KAGAT) needs to also make a statement to guide other clerics against deviant teaching.

We have to remember those who have once served our King and country with valour. Those men comprising different races, their heroic and valiant deeds, their sacrifices must never be forgotten. Keeping quiet to such distortion of facts is not an option. It is abdicating leadership responsibility.

BG Dato Mohamed Arshad Raji
President, Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan

My comments :  Ismail Mina and the Ummah folks do not read English. So unless you release another statement in Malay, they will not know what you are saying. The Minister of Home Affairs and the Minister of Defense may not know what is the meaning of Home Guards, who is Templer or what is the Super Twelve?  So we are really barking at the wrong tree here also.

This is evidence of a total failure in our education system especially the teaching of history in this country which seeks to wipe out the memory of anything that is not Malay or Muslim. 

Hence it was not the 8th Indian Infantry Brigade of the 9th British-Indian Infantry Division, the 3/17th Dogras in battalion strength and the Rajputs who were the first to be killed (tumpah darah)  defending Malaya from the Japanese on the beaches at Pantai Sabak in Pengkalen Chepa (Kota Bharu, Kelantan) on the morning of December 7th, 1941.  All that can be ignored. 

A community which denies history, especially its own history, will live by myths, its own myths.   It will become not relevant to reality.

1Malaysia Tutup Kedai : Seniman Malaysia Sudi Jadi PATI Di Indonesia, Parkson Tutup, Mydin Jual Kedai

PATI di sini maksudnya 'Performing Artiste Tanpa Izin'.   Here is the news:


300 penggiat seni sedang dikejar Ah Long
menjadi buruan ceti haram
artis terlibat pinjaman mencecah RM10,000.

Menurut Presiden (Seniman) jumlah aduan melewati 2015 hingga 2017
Mereka buat aduan agar keselamatan mereka terbela

rezeki terjejas kerena limpahan penggiat seni 

peluang yang kurang dalam industri ini 
satu pentas dikongsi 10,000 penggiat seni. 
bagaimana mereka mahu sara diri?
lambakan graduan fakulti seni 

ke Indonesia bersama Seniman mencari peluang kerja di negara mereka

My comments : Hati-hati bila berbelanja. Kalau tak cukup duit, relocate ke tempat lain yang mana kos sara hidup jauh lebih murah. Jika Najib menang lagi, ekonomi negara kita akan hancur. Ada kemungkinan saya akan pindah balik ke Perak sebab kos sara hidup di sana jauh lebih murah dari KL. Also, kalau nak pinjam duit, kita mesti bertanggungjawab. Mesti komited untuk bayar balik hutang. Kalau tak boleh bayar balik hutang, cuba jangan pinjam duit.  

Next up, Parkson Maju Junction pula tutup kedai. I received the following two pictures from a Blog reader (terima kasih banyak bro) who says that the Parkson Supermart at Maju Junction is shutting down on 18th January 2018.  I think Parkson is the anchor tenant at Maju Junction. If they move out, then that complex will lose plenty of cutomers. My first business venture was in Ampang City in Jalan Ampang (29 years ago in 1989). The anchor tenant Chujitsu moved out. Business just dies when the anchor tenant moves out. 

 Empty shelves

Then Mydin has sold Sam's Groceria, their premier grocery store.

Mydin Is Selling Off Its Premium Grocery Store SAM's Groceria

Here is a comment from someone in the industry about Mydin selling Sam's Groceria :

'Mydin's  Sam's Groceria do not sell any liquor or pork products.  The market for premier grocery is all Chinese / Mat Salleh and expatriates.  There are minimum or zero Malay customers.   Also since Sam's is "halal centric"  if some chocolates are  'was was'  they will not sell.'
Mydin has capitalised very well on the Malay Muslim halal market. Mydin is well known as a halal destination as none of their food products are non halal.

However the premier grocery business (like Village Grocers, Jaya Grocery, Jasons, and the very famous Hock Choon in Jalan Ampang) depends very strongly on the non-halal market (read as non Malay market).  It is not a Malay market.